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Originally Posted by BaldMonk View Post
Ah, I've heard of Octane. Never really had a reason to purchase it as I don't use Lightwave enough. Do you set up lighting in Lightwave first? Or all in Octane?

Any chance you have modelling videos from within Lightwave? Always interesting to see how other users do things.
Lighting and Material is set up in LightWave, but with Octane specific nodes for the Octane renderer. Otherwise there is no info which Octane could compute.

Originally Posted by Franchute13 View Post
Incredible, the images are beautiful.
Just a detail, check the screws of A3000.
BYE! and excelent job!.
Thx Yep, I will change the screws. But on my machine there were this screws. And I think they weren't exchanged by the previous owner.

Originally Posted by Lonewolf10 View Post
All the renders are mad, most of them look photorealistic. Simply amazing. I haven't done any rendering in Lightwave or Octane, but have dabbled around with POV-Ray. My stuff is nowhere near your league.
Thx Well, I don't think you could achieve this kind of output with POV-Ray as it is only a Raytracer and Octane is based upon PBR (Physically Based Rendering).
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