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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Playing the game in old-skool and hard mode!

It certainly is at that, I love the AI update of the creatures, literally jumping back as you try the four step shuffle!

And the frogs / toads - very clever so far!!!

Sunk about 8 hours into it so far (after character creation!)

Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
Yeah and its tough as nails too, once you get a little further into the game (basically after you collected the first 4 gems) it really does its best to murder you at every corner with epic traps and legions of enemies. Dumbly whacking at enemies is absolutely not enough, there have been plenty of moments where the game was designed to make you run and hide and pick your battles a little more strategically. At one point in time I ended up in a room filled with too many skellies to fight for any party and I just ran and snatched a key, jumped into a teleporter, jumped down a hole and fell in some water "ah, that was supposed to happen" I thought to myself. That was the 8th attempt after having died horribly 7 times trying to fight and cursing the game developers.

The game literally also has a new dimension with the whole ladder system and the ability to go under water - you don't have only floors like in the good old Dungeon Master, you have levels within the same floor which you can climb, look down and drop stuff in and plenty of pressure plate puzzles make good use of that. It adds another dimension to the puzzles and that makes it so the variation in puzzles is far greater than in the original Grimrock.

This game is HUGE and and is HARD. Absolutely love it.

+1 QFT!
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