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Hello Vesko, I have a few external drives, the A590 ( one on Ebay which I restored, upgraded the HDD and RAM, its expensive because of the time and effort put into restoring it), Rokteck, 3 GVP HD8+ (1 soon for sale) and a A530. The A590 yes, box standard are slow but it switches on and off with your computer and it gives you a little extra ram, the Rokteck has a 80MB HDD and I cant seem to upgrade it, 4MB RAM, its about the same speed as a A590 but it follows the same shape as the GVP's and the A500's. The HD8+is a good unit, the PSU can be a little week though, you have to pick wisely what HDD you install, I have put 500MB SCSI's in mine which is more than enough for what I want to use them for. The GVP A530 in my eyes is the best option as its a 40MHz accelerator as well, mine has a 2GB drive in there which is plenty. The ACA500 I hear good things about, its cheap and it allows you to add a A1200 accelerator card to it, the only down side is that it is external and looks, ugly. If you are not afraid to solder ( a very little bit) the Kipper2K does look rather attractive as it is housed all in one box

I'm not sure but I would expect the Kipper would have a upper hand on an old SCSI for acsess speeds and such.
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