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This rapidroad device is very cool!! It works with every usb-device I have tested so far:
- Logitech wireless combo MK520 (keyboard and mice). This combo is still for sale btw.
- USB 2.0 card reader (no extra power). Tested it with a mem stick duo from my PSP. Transfer of files went very fast.
- Dana Elec 32gb USB-stick (ntfs-formatted, so that's probably the reason why I can't write to it)

Now I need to read the stuff about WHDload mentioned in this thread because not all games work anymore (crashes/unstable)

A bit messy now I need the 80mm fan as the A1200 isn't stable when I don't use it. This has nothing to do with rapidroad because this was already the case before (probably I need a timing fix). But it's nice to see the Y-splitter power cable also works as a passtrough for the fan and floppy drive. It's a perfect fit and the lid can still be closed (because of the angled IDE-adapter).

My A1200 is now equipped to the max, using an A500 power supply (hope it can handle this 'beast'), Indy MK2, ACA 030 56mhz, AmigaKit Mas Player, Easynet, USB Rapidroad, PSX-adapter from Kipper2K and Arcade Joystick (using a joystick splitter cable) and also still connected is the Micromys v4 Mouse Adapter (which seems a bit useless now)

I think the only 'add-on' I may want in the future is the usb-plate/connector which I hope Jens will be making someday so that 1 or 2 usb-slots will fit nicely beside the DVI-port of the Indy.

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