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Originally Posted by Mark Wright View Post
wall of... insert something not insulting
Yikes, do you believe yourself, what you're posting here?

I'm really sorry all people in western germany (including your friend from RSI) were still living on trees, waiting for someone to invent the wheel.

We were so jealous about the fabulous situation in the UK and the US, we even tried to develop such ridiculous games as Turrican. Even the frenchies tried to equal the UK/US brilliance with those poor attempts like Future Wars or Another World, but they just failed. That's why Eric Chahi started to overflow the UK/US with millions of cracks, just to destroy their superior gaming industry.

Please don't be angry with us continental europeans though, since we had no fancy magazines, no adverts and shops were invented here just two years ago.


btw: I guess I'm a few years older than you or at least at the same age and I can send you some scans of the ASM (popular german magazine full of fancy adverts) if you like.
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