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Originally Posted by capehorn View Post
There are some really great longplays on Youtube ( [ Show youtube player ]) that could have helped you with that. I kind of wish you had gone right from the beginning to as you would have seen some of the best bits of the game then...
Well I was thinking of trying to play it again with a trainer, but after checking out that longplay, I'm guessing it still would have been a day of frustration! For all the awesome and creepy graphics and music, there's some really strange level design in Shadow Of The Beast. Like being able to climb down the well right from the beginning, even though it's not obvious until later that you're only supposed to use that as an exit from the first underground area. And some of those later screens of emeies are just downright insane, with spikes coming out the ground and things flying or bouncing toward you. Craziness!
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