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Originally Posted by Riempie View Post
I started Trident and added the usb-device (clockport) and clicked 'online'. Now both my 32GB usb stick and boing ball mouse work. The 32GB stick is read-only. Is writing to the stick not working because of the 4GB limit of the Amiga OS?

PS. I needed an other screw (taller) to connect the ground cable. The rapidroad came with a screw but this one seems to short too. Should I connect the ground cable somewhere else? This is not important off course but I thought it would be nice to mention this before anyone tries to connect the ground cable.
My largest USB stick is 4GB so can't test with larger, but I don't think there should be any issue with using larger ones. There is no general 4GB limit in Amiga OS. There is a bug in showing remaining space properly in WB 3.1 since it wraps around 4GB.
I used one of the self-tapping screw from the USB sockets (that you also disassembled) in the screw hole left of the one you have connected the ground cable to.

Edit: Actually, I just remembered that I do in fact have a 16GB stick around here. I'll find it, do a test and report back.

Edit 2: I just tried with a 16GB stick and had no problems copying files back and forth. I am running WB 3.9 so not sure if that makes a difference. Try to reformat your USB stick and see if that changes anything. If there is something invalid with the filesystem, then FAT95 might not like it.

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