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Originally Posted by Mark Wright View Post
In the years 1983 to 1988 I never really paid attention to the text contained within crack intros or screens. Did you?
i did yes, mostly because my interest in cracks was the intros and the demos that arrived on the spread disks with them.

Originally Posted by Mark Wright View Post
Is my memory faulty or, beyond supplying original copies of software (either physical or via modem), wasn't it YEARS before a UK game was branded as cracked by a UK cracker for a UK team and released with the UK in mind?
Your memory is faulty because the UK scene was cracking for trading within the UK scene pretty much from day one; the earlier one-man-bands like The Mad Mekon (who i got my start in the scene with by supplying originals to) were trading almost exclusively within the UK, with the people or later groups who swapped internationally added imported cracks to the mix of releases doing the rounds.

Originally Posted by Mark Wright View Post
I reiterate: all of that hard work done by Chatterbox in Antwerp was not intended to be exploited by Kevin in Derby, selling a UK game deprotected in Belgium to his school chums, taking the credit for "ripping it off" and making a tidy profit...
Again, there were local lamers everywhere so singling out Kevin (who lives in Grimsby in my head) and the UK out like that is something of an insult to the people who founded crews like Ikari, NATO, Pulsar, Doughnut Cracking Service, Hotline, Zenith, Scouse Cracking Group, Fusion, Talent or the Teesside Cracking Service.
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