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Sigh... RTFM...

I didn't read the manual any further because I let Poseidon create a config during installation (as stated in the manual). So I thought it would work immediately after a reboot. Must have done something wrong...

I started Trident and added the usb-device (clockport) and clicked 'online'. Now both my 32GB usb stick and boing ball mouse work. The 32GB stick is read-only. Is writing to the stick not working because of the 4GB limit of the Amiga OS?

But it's working fine and it's a nice product! Great work Jens!

PS. I needed an other screw (taller) to connect the ground cable. The rapidroad came with a screw but this one seems to short too. Should I connect the ground cable somewhere else? This is not important off course but I thought it would be nice to mention this before anyone tries to connect the ground cable.


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