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I wasn't sure what to write in the comments of the SotB video at the time so I didn't write anything. A lot of people here would tell you that your experience of it was basically it, it's way too tough, unfair death traps everywhere etc. not worth playing. It's one of those that you really needed have a trainer on for, and even that wouldn't have saved you from reaching the death skeleton without the weapon you needed. There are some really great longplays on Youtube ( [ Show youtube player ]) that could have helped you with that. I kind of wish you had gone right from the beginning to as you would have seen some of the best bits of the game then, and made some actual progress (although you can't actually complete is without going right!)

It's one of my favourite games and I think it has a lot of merit. Once you learn the death traps, you won't fall for them again (you wouldn't walk past that tree again, right?!). The graphics, sound and parallax are all great, and while it's basically a memory game, (knowing where the baddies are going to come from is everything) and it takes a heck of a lot of practise to beat, I still really enjoy it.

Maybe it's worth checking out darkfalzx's amazing PC remake, he's deliberately made it easier too!
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