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Originally Posted by lordofchaos View Post
Just noticed this nasty crash after running Ruff N Tumble (Paradox crack) trying latest Beta (22). It doesn't make it past the initial loading screen anymore.

I`m not sure how far back this error happens with previous versions of WinUAE but this version of the game had always worked on my real A500+.

Exact game version: Ruff 'n' Tumble (1994)(Renegade)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr PDX][t +17 ATX]

The Winuaelog it generated is around 8mb? Is that right? Had to compress due to size.
Works for me. You have HD configured and it is HD controller type that does not exist in real world which invalidates your "works on real A500+" immediately

Log is big because it is filled with repeating messages, it can be manually truncated, only first 100 or so errors can be left.
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