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Received mine yesterday. Installed it with the help of the pictures on the wiki-site. The white LED lights up instantly (no flash) and stays on, so I guess everything should work fine. Installed poseidon drivers (just followed the install script) in my classic wb os which already has MUI 3.8...

Now, how do I know if it works?

I tried connecting a 32GB usb stick which has a led indicator, but nothing happens. I didn't expect this stick to work anyway, but I thought at least the led of the stick should burn to know that it get's the power. Also connected a usb 2.0 card reader and nothing happens. Power indicator also doesn't light up.
Also connected my boing ball usb mouse (normally connected to the micromys v4 adapter). Nothing happens.

I'll try to find some old 2GB sticks, but I have no clue whatsoever to know if everything should be working correctly.

I still use my A500 power supply btw which workes fine (with indy mk2, aca030 56mhz, I'll try it with a 300 watt power supply to know if it's power issue.

Will also try it with my A600....

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