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Cracking groups were like heroes of mine.

Part of the fondness i had/have for amiga games was watching the intro, reading the text bouncing around the screen, the included trainers, gfx demos. watching the fairlight cracktro buzz onto screen.

does/is/has piracy affected the music industry? nope, just the music industry itself.

I think in the 90s andy warhol said "pop will eat itself" and its true of the industry. Its become so greedy, so desperate for money, you just have to watch the X-Factor in the UK (or everywhere for that matter) to see what a circus its all become. 1 minute an act is the latest best new thing, then tomorrow its discarded for someone newer.

Another reason is in the 80/90s if you wanted to listen to a song, you had the radio, mtv or to buy a cassette. Most people bought music as it enabled you to listen to your fave band/artist anytime.

Now, if you want to listen to rhiannas latest song, you can watch/listen on youtube, spotify, millions of music channels, so many ways so you dont "need" to own the cd anymore.

right now, im connected to the internet, i HAVE THE POWER to download right now, any song, any album in a matter of seconds... do i? no, because i cant be bothered! i dont have any song in my head that im prepared to spend 10 mins of my life downloading.

whats that say about the music industry? or me getting older? i dunno, i do have a massive song collection on my ipods but thats mostly music from 10/15 years ago, new stuff of course but dance music is not what it used to be...

I have to say we amiga people do come from the Golden Era of video games.

How many forums do you think will be called English Playstation4 Board in 30 years time?

do ps4 owners go to school with games lists and a pile of black bluerays? copying thier mates a selection while they return the favor?

Cracked intros/games are a big part of amiga folklore for me.

I can remember getting atomic robokid and listening to the intro crack music and thinking this is the coolest tune ever! (enola gay chip music) little things like that which made cracked games so amazing.

I do also have a vast collection of boxed originals too, amiga games were cheap and i had no issues with buying them.

It just became a ball ache for a legit owner to then have to navigate copy protection, code wheels, game manual code checks etc cracked copies were much more user friendly
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