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People with families, rents, mortgages, even in fairly affluent countries can only afford to purchase so many things, so most of the losses to piracy probably weren't actual losses, its not a loss if you were never going to buy the thing in the first place.

I see some posters from Eastern Europe - had a reputation as being notorious for piracy, even complete and still patented bits of hardware were pirated, presumably sold openly, advertised?

But it makes sense when you realise that a large portion of the population just couldn't afford the official and more expensive machines - these weren't lost sales for Sinclair, et al, (the pirated machines always seemed to be a generation behind, were there any copied amigas?) since they would have never sold in these markets anyway, its hard to export from a strong economy to a weak one and have it be worthwhile.

I think wherever they were, most people still bought as many full, legit copies as they could afford/obtain (and sure, some would never pirate, some would only pirate). Here in the UK as a child, fairly average family, I had a Sega Megadrive for about 2 years as my main gaming machine. I probably had about 12 legit games cartridges for it by the end - you could get pirated carts but it was more difficult, most people I knew had entirely legit collections.

With the Amiga which took over gaming duties for me, I probably had about the same number of bought games after the same time, and of course many copied games free from friends, I could never have paid for.
I switched to the PS1 after that, still in education I had little money but never mod chipped and pirated anything for it, all original bought titles, and again about the same number after the same time, for a similar cost.

Today I like to collect the real games, ROM's are a great resource, but nothing is so special as the real thing.

I have *0* interest in Steam or most modern games, even though i own a pretty decent PC which is probably more powerful than an XBONE in raw power - I doubt I'll ever own one of the current gen of consoles either, since they're immensely unimpressive.

Most of my limited gaming time today is on old hardware with real games.

I've said this before on here but Commodore probably made more money off my folks than Sega or Sony ever did , due to the cost of the hardware. I still think a fair part of Commodore's business model/success with the Amiga 500 initially was on purpose / accidentally, due to piracy, they must have known that similar things happened with previous computers aimed at the same market.

Maybe we should all thank piracy for making our favourite machines so popular, perhaps and economically viable for C= in the first place, since it clearly today was never going to be accepted as a "serious" business machine and compete with IBM on that level, IBM got there first and stayed there.

Kinda cheapens the legacy no? PC folk of the day were no better though, I also recall some of those PC owning weirdos exchanging disks in the 286 equipped computer room at school, just as brave, hearty, fresh-air loving pimply amiganauts would in the playground, none of the staff seemed to care at all - i even had a copied copy of F29 just to run at school at lunchtime. Probably be instant expulsion for similar activities these days.
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