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Originally Posted by ancalimon View Post
Don't forget telling us how it performs
Just spent some hours installing and testing it, so here's a little info on my status. I managed to break the thread on one of the plastic bolts/nuts as I was connecting the ground cable to the Amiga, so be careful pulling on that cable since the thread holding it cannot handle very much.

Otherwise installation was quite straight-forward and it sits nicely behind the floppy without any risk of shorting. Due to the amount of cables connected to it, it is not likely to move anywhere.

Currently I just have the USB sockets dangling out the back so will need to find some nice solution for that (or wait for Jens' solution if he makes a back plate which can hold the Indivision DVI connector and 1/2 USB ports, which would be very nice).

Software installation was easy and worked out of the box. I tried connecting various devices and most of them worked:

Logitech K750 wireless USB keyboard -> Worked
Logitech MX518 USB mouse -> Worked
2 USB memory sticks -> Worked
USB-SATA adapter with SATA HDD -> No device detected
Digitech RPx400 guitar effects board -> Partly
Cheap USB sound card -> Detected and could produce noise

I know that the compatiblity has to do with Poseidon and not the RapidRoad hardware.

For the Digitech guitar board that was mostly for fun. It presents 1x audio-out and 2x audio-in devices, 1x MIDI-in and 1xMIDI-out. All these devices were detected in Poseidon, however I could not play AHI audio through it. I tried instead with a cheap USB audio adapter and managed to start AHI playback, however it was mostly interrupted noise.. I should probably get a bigger CPU if I expect to play back MP3 through USB audio, even at low quality.

One note towards using the MX518 mouse - it was actually smoother and had less latency than the optical PS/2 mouse I normally use through an Amiga mouse adapter.

I have one issue here and that is how to set Poseidon as offline and online from the command-line? Most(all?) WHDload games crash when I start them if Poseidon is online. If I go to Trident (the config tool) and select offline first, then there is no problem. I have not been able to find info on how to do this automatically from the command-line, but surely someone else must have used this?
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