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personally i never paid money for a pirated game, we just used to swap disks with friends or at "computer clubs".

these days i don't pirate anything, i don't play games anymore. i don't even download music or films, i buy CDs and DVDs from second hand shops or charity shops, which i'm sure the industry would also like to put a stop to but there's no law against it, yet! the move towards iTunes, official games downloads &c threatens to put a stop to legitimate second-hand markets, with Kindle even books are going that way. I'll always prefer physical media and i refuse to pay full price for MP3s!

i don't think piracy "kills" anything really, you can argue about how right or wrong it is but on the whole i think people pay as much for games/music as they want to, and if it wasn't for piracy people wouldn't buy more they'd just do without. or make a double bass out of a tea chest and form a skiffle group in the garage.
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