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Would you like to hear a story about why piracy exist right out of the mouth of a third-worlder? Here it is.

I'm living in a country with a mediocre economy. Not gonna tell which one. Mods probably know as they know my ip. We're not gonna starve anytime soon but most people are unable to save money after they pay for their rent, food, taxes and transit costs.

I'm one of the luckier of the bunch and have posh hobbies like GAMING and own over 300 steam originals. Also paying money on multiple MMO subs for over a decade. At some point I were paying for 5 different accounts. An original copy of a game is considered a luxury here for very valid reasons.

Steam exists for years, we used to pay via paypal and paid the exact price northern Americans did as everything was priced at USD.

Last month Civilization: Beyond Earth was priced at 49.99 USD here as everywhere else. That was translating into 112 units of the local currency. It's safe to think it as a US citizen paying 112 USD for it because this is what it calculates to when you take local purchasing power into consideration.

Last week steam decided to convert to our national currency in our geographic zone and removed paypal support and our ability to pay with USD. Turned out this was a good move because the new prices more accurately represented local purchasing power and the new price displayed at national currency was only 75; just around 35 USD. Still heavier on the wallet than an US citizen's, purchasing power concerned but I were happy since I were one of the luckier locals.

Two days later someone; either steam, or the publisher (2K games) decided this could go on no longer for some unknown reason. Some claim the local distributor (which is a monopoly) forced the publisher but this can't be proven.

Anyway, right now Civilization: Beyond Earth is priced at 170 units of my national currency. This literally translates to 75 USD but actually represents an US citizen paying 170 USD for this game when you take purchasing power into consideration. (this is an approximate but trust me, it really means that exact thing)

Now be in my shoes and ask this. This game is sold for 50 USD worldwide and everyone involved is able to make profit. It was for sale for around 35 USD here and people could still profit from it. I'm dead sure it's cheaper in countries with weaker economies (I know because russians often sell their locally purchased cheap copies here) and the new 75 USD price tag is a big bold FUCK YOU in the face.

Would you ever pay those people a dime?

I also happen to work in the interactive media industry and people work on monthly paychecks. Developers get JACK SHIT from sales numbers.

People here never specifically enjoyed owning pirated copies; it's just that it was the only way software existed until late 2000s and people, right now, are fine with paying a locally adjusted prices even though it's significantly harder on their wallet compared to a luckier foreigner but make us pay 170 units of the local currency whereas people in stronger economies pay 50 and we will not pay at all; people in the third world have the exact average IQ you do; if not more.

Edit: I've always believed paying for a pirated copy was contradictory with the reasons of piracy and always avoided it because people who're into commercial piracy are often also into worse stuff like mafia business, weapon dealing and prostutution.

Edit 2: Whomever enjoys an indie game and decides to pirate it is a dick. Piracy is only valid as long as it's an initiative against greed. Just pay the lone talent what he deserves will you? You're paying your waiter, your taxi driver and some other lame ass idiot for their worthless ass labor so please pay the developer for his/her creative genius!

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