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So then, anybody really got it working ?
Over here on 060/CGX (a perfect setup according to docs) it does load the menu
with demo version or with Allied cd mix files. The mouse moves slow, but the menus work.
It's possible to start a quick mission and it draws the map with units.
But that's it, at this point all freezes and a minute or two later the power led flashes and we go auto rebooting.

On loading the game there are many enforcer hits.
Then looking at the SHELL log, there are many errors and files the game can't find during loading. Then SDL lib outputs a lot of debug to serial port.

Overall very sad, but it can be made reasonable.

Sound available ? Not here, and probably the reason for many other problems.

Using FFS will make the game load pathetically slow (ok for demo (small files)), on PFS/SFS it's fairly fast, a common problem for large file games with lots of seeking if the code is crap.

Really looking for an update, maybe it will work eventually for many.
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