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Meanwhile, if you lived in the Netherlands, West Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Austria, even Poland - where all these machines were popular - what were your options? You might have been able to afford an imported magazine from the UK or US, taunting you every turn of the page, filled with glossy adverts for all the new games beyond your reach. What else to spend your money on? A modem and blank disks! Let's import some games! Anyone know machine code? The benefactor is born.
I don't really agree with this particular point. Can't speak for all of those countries of course, but when the C64 and Amiga were most popular here, there were lots of local computer hobbyist magazines and buying a game just meant going to a shop and picking one up (or mail ordering).

In the very early years the options were maybe a bit limited but availability was fine later in the second half of the eighties and in the nineties.

Copying cracked games from friends, however, was a clearly cheaper option.
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