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Originally Posted by amiman99 View Post
Very nice work!!

Question, where do you get those high quality 3D objects?
Well, I model them
Here you can see how:

Originally Posted by onkelarie View Post
Thats awesome! Would it be possible to make a render of the first one, more zoomed in on the monitor and only a white screen, of which the light reflects on the monitor edges? That would make an awesome winuae overlay!

Originally Posted by source View Post
Which version of lightwave do you use?
The latest one. 11.6.3

Originally Posted by BaldMonk View Post
Very very nice.

I use Lightwave for work sometimes(motion graphics)... Any chance I could grab a copy of your scene? I'd love to see your lighting set-up and render settings. That's some great lighting.
You need Octane (PBR) for LW to see what I have done. But as it is a PBR-engine the lighting isn't so complicated like in the native LW-engine.

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