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Originally Posted by edd_jedi View Post
I'm sure the teams cracking games must have realised they were basically killing the games companies, and I can imagine for developers it must have been disheartening to spend all that time making a game only for it to be cracked. It's a bit like the music industry now - people don't make money from music any more because 99% of music in distribution is pirated, where as in the 80s/90s it was perhaps only 50% so there was still money to be made.
I wholeheartedly dislike such statements! Neither the "oh so poor" music industry is dead because of piracy nor was it the case for software companies back in the day (TM)!

Good music sells well, good games sold kinda well too!

You seem to forget that people wouldn't have bought all the games if they would not have been available as cracked copies! 1 cracked game does not equal to an enormous loss of money because of people not buying it anymore!

Anyway, as for why people cracked games, for most, me included, it was just the challenge to break complex protections, the better the protection the more fun it was!
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