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Originally posted by Steve
What would be really awesome would be if new generation Amiga games started coming out. Like 3D versions of old 2D classics. That would be well amazing. Imagine Banshee 3D or Roadkill 3D. Mmmmm. Kickass.
Oh dear. Then why would you need an Amiga? It will be a PC then by attempting to make all gaming a 3D experience.. <yawn> Why does *everything* have to be 3D? Jeezus! The Amiga made its name in 2D and lives today in the hearts and minds of its loyal fanbase because of its excellence in mainly 2D games. Those games still rock today. Amiga gaming's lowest period is when it tried to be a PC and followed the glut of 3D and FPS games - already done to death everywhere else. I'll take a round of Turrican II or Rainbow Islands anyday over this 3D dreck. Nicky Boom, even! Most of the Amiga's best action games have never been able to be successfully done on the PC for reasons which I'll not delve into (all this thread needs is the PeeCee zealots of the board to start flaming yet again over how the PC can do anything and everything!)

Originally posted by Steve
Oh one more thing. I reckon the game title could do with a change.
Hmmm...I actually like the game name.

My apologies to sylvio k. if my negative comments about the screenshots were taken offensively. I didn't take the Alpha stage into consideration, but regardless I hate the most hailed 3D games out there anyhow, so keep that in mind. To me, the game looks like a PC game, which is perhaps the cruelest thing I can say about it.

We really need to calm down here and keep it civil. This is a discussion board and we should respect each other.

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