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Originally posted by Burseg
I am not flaming around but from now on I will be. I am the type of person you don't want to see. Go on demonize me, but you still make poor games and a poor website and you are hurt because I'm saying what is there.
Well, this is EXACTLY why the Amiga Community is going down at the moment

Why canīt people just be happy that new games are being made ??? If they are good or bad, hey it DOESNīT MATTER ! These flame wars getting a bit out of hand (and I do NOT mean the EAB community here ) ..... doesnīt matter what you do as a game developer, you surely do it wrong ! If you announce a game for Classic Amigas that will also run on a standart A500, all those people with PPC/060 etc. will cry around : "Why no gfx card support, why donīt you use higher resolution ???" .... but if you do it the other way around, the others will shout : "WHAAAAAT ??? Itīs PPC only ???? But I want to play this on my A1000 with 256KB Chip Mem !!!!"

Anyway, these are just my 2cent ! If you donīt agree with it, just keep your mouth shut

@sylvio k.

Just keep up the way you do it Many people here know of the word ALPHA ENGINE and appreciate the things you do, but I guess they are too shy to comment here
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