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Originally posted by Burseg
I am not flaming around but from now on I will be. I am the type of person you don't want to see. Go on demonize me, but you still make poor games and a poor website and you are hurt because I'm saying what is there.
Well, this is EXACTLY why the Amiga Community is going down at the moment

Why can´t people just be happy that new games are being made ??? If they are good or bad, hey it DOESN´T MATTER ! These flame wars getting a bit out of hand (and I do NOT mean the EAB community here ) ..... doesn´t matter what you do as a game developer, you surely do it wrong ! If you announce a game for Classic Amigas that will also run on a standart A500, all those people with PPC/060 etc. will cry around : "Why no gfx card support, why don´t you use higher resolution ???" .... but if you do it the other way around, the others will shout : "WHAAAAAT ??? It´s PPC only ???? But I want to play this on my A1000 with 256KB Chip Mem !!!!"

Anyway, these are just my 2cent ! If you don´t agree with it, just keep your mouth shut

@sylvio k.

Just keep up the way you do it Many people here know of the word ALPHA ENGINE and appreciate the things you do, but I guess they are too shy to comment here
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