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Originally Posted by TCD View Post
Where do you see 'steam key' on GOG?
"DRM-free + a Steam key"
"DRM-free and on Steam"
"DRM-free + Steam keys"

These are the only options.
It's not quite clear whether you get a download link plus a key for steam if you fancy that, or you have to have steam installed.

Originally Posted by Shoonay View Post
Some people hate Steam so much they have it's logo perma-engraved on the eyeball to locate it more easily. The downside is that it sometimes appears where it doesn't exist...
Some people use company laptops where anything like steam would be strictly prohibited. It has nothing to do with the merits of steam or the lack of them.
It's purely about security and data confidentiality.

Originally Posted by Washac View Post
Just buy the GoG version it does NOT need the steam key, I have it I am playing it, it does NOT need a the steam key to run.

Read the box on the right hand side, DRM free no online activation required.

Their site does state DRM free + steam key, they add the key in case you want it I would say, just be safe and buy from the GoG link above.
Ideally I'd pay the developers directly, so nobody else would get a 30% or more cut from their well deserved income
So if there is any way without steam from their website I'd go for that.

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