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Say what Burseg ???!! Why complain about something thats not finished yet, and why flame the developers ?? Surely you know about how small the amiga scene is these days, why not give them some credit for developing new games for the amiga ???

And games ported from pc is not amiga games ??? They may not be amiga-original games but when they play on amiga, they are amiga (not all older games were amiga only either...). Its easier to port something than to start developing something completely new ... (and there is a lot of good games out there that should have been ported)

And Genetic Species being bad ? Have you ever played it ? And how about Foundation, have you ever played it ??

sylvio k.: Dont listen to the people who complain, they probably doesnt even have a new ppc amiga ... Keep up the great work !!!

btw. I see Epic is going to port Divine Divinity, to MorphOS now, great news ...
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