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Originally Posted by mikele View Post
Never had I experienced any keyboard membrane issues. You just need to remember about unplugging the keyboard properly each time you tinker inside computer. Do not use brute force! The only weakpoint I can point out is hinges of the case.
Might be because I've always owned (at least) second hand A600s and the previous owners were un/plugging the keyboard with brute force but then again none of the 1200s I own have this problem and some other amiga user I know was so annoyed with this problem that he removed that membrane and directly soldered an IDE cable between the board and the keyboard then covered the contacts with silicone and duct tape. It looked terrible but it worked perfectly. Actually I have it now, it probably works fine.

Also I agree about the hinge problem. Never owned an A600 with its hinges intact. It's harder than finding a commodore 1080 monitor with an intact lid.
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