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Worth of A5-600

Hey guys.

So, I own an AMIGA 500 and 600. Still working. (both German version, with QWERTZ keyboard layout)

Unfortunately, I'm moving soon, in a small flat, so I can't take along all the fancy stuff I could store away in my current house. I want to sell those fine hardware.

Yet, I'm not really sure, what the proper value for the A500 and A600 is. (I still have the PSUs and an external floppy drive)

The A600 has the A601 RAM Expansion Card (1 Meg).
Inbuilt floppy drives on both are a bit broken (Eject button is somewhat pushed in, probably easily fixable)

There is also an Commodore 1085S-D3 screen, which I'm unsure about. (Missing the front door panel, otherwise working.)

If there is more information needed, just ask, I'll get around posting them then.


(Also, don't ask about buying them here, i'll probably post a thread in the Marketplace when it comes to that.)
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