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Assuming you used input panel to remap keys. Just remap same key to both operations (joystick and normal key), small select box that shows values 1-8 are input event slots (can have max 8 input events in same input target)

If you used gameports panel, you can manually add more Amiga input targets to single input source.

There is also hidden config file entry that allows remapped keyboard key to still also have original key mapping. (Which is off by default because many programs use keyboard, it would only cause confusion). GUI option is now possible, this was second request for this feature
Hi Toni,

Thanks for your reply.

I couldn't figure out how to use the Input panel so just used the Game ports panel and clicked the 'remap' button.

Are there any easy-to-understand instructions anywhere to help me achieve what I'm trying to do? It took me hours to figure out how to remap the keys in the first place but haven't been able to get any further!

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