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Originally Posted by doodles View Post
1) Is it possible to choose letter/number keys as controls but also still have them work normally to enter text?
Assuming you used input panel to remap keys. Just remap same key to both operations (joystick and normal key), small select box that shows values 1-8 are input event slots (can have max 8 input events in same input target)

If you used gameports panel, you can manually add more Amiga input targets to single input source.

There is also hidden config file entry that allows remapped keyboard key to still also have original key mapping. (Which is off by default because many programs use keyboard, it would only cause confusion). GUI option is now possible, this was second request for this feature

2) If so how? And if not, why can't this be done given that the Amiga could do it?
Real hardware couldn't do it (keyboard = hardware joystick emulation) unless you had some extra hardware that did it or game had support for keyboard input.

3) Why do the keys in the default keyboard layouts have 2 lines for each key ('Launch Manager' & 'WinUAE null keyboard') when the keys I chose for my custom keyboard only had a single line for 'Launch Manager'? What's the difference?
null keyboard is only for receiving Windows injected input events that don't come from any physical keyboard (like software based input mapping). You can ignore it.

I'm beginning to wonder if it wouldn't have been easier to find the Amiga in the attic but I read that the floppy disks could have become corrupted after all these years and we don't have the space to set up more electronic equipment at the moment either!
Possibly easier but more reliable, I think

WinUAE is designed to be nearly 100% configurable for any kind of (even very stupid) purposes. It makes it very complex.
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