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Question Keyboard won't type some letters in games

Hi everyone,

I just discovered WinUAE and have spent the past 4 hours or so trying to configure it to work so that we can play some of the old games we used to enjoy on our Amiga 1200.

At this point I'll say I already wrote out a long post but pressed the submit button and lost it all so I'll try to keep it a bit shorter this time!

I've managed to get a custom keyboard layout configured so that Z = left, X = right, ' = up, / = down and Enter = fire. These were the controls we used to use back in the day and are therefore the ones we find easiest to use.

The only game I have so far is Qwak and after a lot of trial and error, I finally managed to get the controls working as I wanted.

Unfortunately, the keys I chose no longer work when trying to type normally e.g. when trying to enter a name in the high-score table.

I wondered if it was something to do with my custom keyboard layout only having 1 line for 'Launch Manager' for each key, whereas the default keyboard layouts have 2 lines i.e. 'Launch Manager' and also 'WinUAE null keyboard'. To test this theory, I tried choosing Keyboard C but found I couldn't type W, S, A or D in the high-score table.

So to my questions:

1) Is it possible to choose letter/number keys as controls but also still have them work normally to enter text?

2) If so how? And if not, why can't this be done given that the Amiga could do it?

3) Why do the keys in the default keyboard layouts have 2 lines for each key ('Launch Manager' & 'WinUAE null keyboard') when the keys I chose for my custom keyboard only had a single line for 'Launch Manager'? What's the difference?

I hope all this makes sense!

I'm beginning to wonder if it wouldn't have been easier to find the Amiga in the attic but I read that the floppy disks could have become corrupted after all these years and we don't have the space to set up more electronic equipment at the moment either!
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