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So I'm obligated to create a long list just because I said this game is shit eh?


That's an outright insult. Watch your wording.
That's outright fact. I know what I'm saying though this does not mean there are no good games. I listed many on my post. If one is to be insulted by my comments it won't be my loss.

They did not "appear", they were always here. Check Aminet for lots of examples.
Sure, and they earned what they deserved, nothing. Bad scores on mag reviews. Now some of us are supporting newer poor titles just because they are released. Most of the games you mentioned are PC ports, others are bad or even good games!


The Feeble Files
Heretic 2
Earth 2140
Simon the Sorcerer 2
Freespace: The Great War
Software Tycoon
Tales of Tamar
Quake 2
Virtual Ball Fighters

PC ports! Payback is a GTA clone. Not sure about tales of tamar here, it can be good. According to screenshots, it probably is.
This is not a bad thing but these titles simply can't be listed in this debate. They are not designed on amigas/for amigas.

Bubble Heroes-
Puzzle BOBs - clones of a well known/bygone game. nice graphics but nothing else is worth mentioning here. These fit in my description well. You can't play these games longer than 15 minutes. Is designing a good looking tetris game mean anything than designing a good looking tetris game?

Tales From Heaven - Looks nicer than many games listed here but it's still impossible to understand why developers prefer ugly 3d to 2d here. Anyway if amiga HAS TO have 3d games, this is sadly one of the best this platform offers. It looks ugly but does look interesting so I don't want to be prejudiced. If I am to play 3d games, PC is the "real thing" here. and I accept no imitations

Crossfire 2-
Looks ugly but my standards are high, I'm undecided. It can even have good gameplay but it suffers from ugly 3d disease. Super Stardust looked better, was released years ago and required just AGA.

Aqua -
Seaside - Myst wannabes, that PC-only game type is long abandoned yet amiga developers still envy it. Prerendered crap point'n clickware. These games fit in my description. Especially Aqua is utter crap.

Joyride - This is a joke. I prefer Lotus any day.

CodeName Hellsquad-
Foundation: The Undiscovered Land-
Foundation Gold-
Land of Genesis-
Exodus: The Last War- This ones are professional looking good games. (c'mon, no need to list the same game twice) Again, these are R-Type, Settlers, Starcraft, Another World clones (I did not say shmup or RTS for these are made to look exactly like listed games) New and innovative stuff is yet to be seen still I'm grateful this stuff is released!


Where are all those shitty titles you're talking about?
Hilt, Hilt2, Trapped, Trapped 2, Mobile Warfare, Genetic Species, Master Axe, Olofight, Blade, Sword, Bograts and many others I can visualize the horrible screenshots in my mind but gladly forgot the names of. Do you like to hear more? Ok hmm, we'll have Birdie Shoot soon

I can list good non commodore-era games as well. Uropa, final odyssey (though the intro is the worst I've seen on any game on any platform), Enemy: Tempest Of Violence, Napalm, Damage ensure not only bad games are released on Amiga platform and drawing the line between those two is easy.

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