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Originally posted by Burseg
I would not join a project that the final product is doomed to be below a certain level of proficiency.
You're being too harsh Burseg! Why is the project doomed? Because of those screenshots? Personally I think it shows much promise. They show nothing of gameplay so don't judge a book by it's half drawn cover.

Originally posted by IanS
All you guys are making judgments about quality, based on a few screenshots, and then you expect these guys to carry on developing for the Amiga when you say their work is crap. How about supporting them. At least a little encouragement wouldn't hurt!

How many of you guys have the requisite skills to make a full, commercial quality 3D game from start to finish? How about it Bursreg, Akira? Fancy having a go?
I agree totally. I don't think either Akira or Burseg have the talent so that's out of the window straight away.

It could be a really great game in the end. You can't really tell anything from a game from early screenshots. But I think it's really great that people develop for the PPC Amiga. There is still a market for it. Albeit a rather small one. I'd love to write a game for the AmigaOne if Amiga OS4 is ever released. What would be really awesome would be if new generation Amiga games started coming out. Like 3D versions of old 2D classics. That would be well amazing. Imagine Banshee 3D or Roadkill 3D. Mmmmm. Kickass.

As for Secret of my Soul, I look forward to more screenshots in the future and hope the developers continue with the project.

I just wonder how long it will take to complete. I hope they can keep their motivation going. I know how easy it is to get bored and start another project. Good luck with the game guys.

Oh one more thing. I reckon the game title could do with a change.

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