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It's just that... nobody sits and wades through 100 games and tries out if some non-WHDLoad patches work or not on their machine. And nobody just shrugs their shoulders if 9/10 of their favorites are unpatched and guru on A1200. They want to play the games, not discern wherein lies the Amiga model differences causing the gurus.

I would recommend a stock A600+ACA620 as a cheap and competent WHDLoad machine actually, if I knew more of the accelerator's compatibility with WHDLoad. It does have the potential leaking caps issue of the A1200, which can be hard to deal with for an Amiga-lover at entry level, and you have to get the right A600 revision for the ACA620.

The way things are with issues we know about but entry level fans are new to, that the best chances of success (and fastest route from purchase to joystick-wrestling!) must be an A500+512k and Gotek (or HxC). Even getting a CF card formatted and the right software installed is a hassle we maybe sometimes forget when giving recommendations.

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