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Originally Posted by Ami_GFX View Post
I've been running B21 for several days and I've found one bug that isn't in B20. On some of my configurations there is a hang when the AsimCDFS is loading and it won't get to the workbench. Sometimes it will resolve itself after hanging for a minute or two and I get to Workbench. Attached zip files contain config files and logs for B21 where it hangs and doesn't hang and the same configuration run in B20 with no problems.
Logs can't be from same configuration. Other has UAE controller harddrives and another does not. (btw, install latest DirectX to remove that DirectX message or set mode to DirectDraw)

EDIT: add -scsiemulog command line parameter. Creates more useful logs.

EDIT2: Does fix it? (cdtv-cr drive allocation was done even when it was not enabled which could have caused issues)

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