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Ah, come on guys. What one or two enthusiastic coders could do in their spare time in the nineties, which may well have been very "professional", just wouldn't make the grade today. How many people with really good coding, rendering, artistic and design skills are going to plough all their time, for many months, in to a dead end platform? Programmers get paid good money... but not if they're relying directly on sales of the game.

All you guys are making judgments about quality, based on a few screenshots, and then you expect these guys to carry on developing for the Amiga when you say their work is crap. How about supporting them. At least a little encouragement wouldn't hurt!

How many of you guys have the requisite skills to make a full, commercial quality 3D game from start to finish? How about it Bursreg, Akira? Fancy having a go?
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