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Originally Posted by Kola View Post
Hi Steve,

Got the package. Wanted to publicly thank you. Top man. I wasn't expecting so many discs. Just the one I thought. Very thankful and greatly appreciated.

Sending you good Khama.
You're welcome mate, it's the full set of 3.1 so hopefully you should be able to perform the full install on your Amiga without needing to use the Emulator! I just keep my fingers crossed that the install can complete without errors on Disks or your drive... You can get cleaning Disk's, these are very useful, if you have one run it through.

If the install goes well and you want to update it to Better Workbench this can be done from floppy too, of course you need some way to get the ADF's on to the Amiga but this is much easier once you have workbench installed.

You can get an ADF transfer kit from Amigakit, EasyADF (or eBay have some other options)

Or you can hook up your Computer to your PC and transfer the files with WinUAE/FS-UAE which is much easier once you have prepared your CF already!

Good luck.

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