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A guess? It's simplified, of course, but what other true divide is there between the Amiga models than OCS/ECS and AGA?

If a game doesn't directly work on another Amiga model, it's generally because the developer has not known/cared/been able to test their game with that system. Not because of any major hardware incompatibility (the CDTV/CD32 are exceptions here but they have very few original titles). Emulation is not needed, as the original poster was worried.

WHDLoad does increase the memory requirements a little, but it's not the only way to patch games - and anyway it's reasonably easy to meet those requirements these days.

Zetr0 has provided a nice break-down of the features. Personally I'd only consider the A600 if the small physical size is an advantage, otherwise one might as well save towards an A1200.

If the goal is to be able to run as many game titles as possible, I would consider two options:

- either a cheap A500 for running floppy-only, non-AGA games (from actual floppies or a Gotek or such)
- or a middle-priced A1200 with some extra RAM and perhaps an accelerator for running pretty much everything

Other models don't make financial sense most of the time, though naturally sometimes you can come across a good deal.

However, if one wishes to tinker, any model can be upgraded to meet almost any specs (except, again, from OCS/ECS to AGA) and run almost any games. Just be prepared to open your wallet
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