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Originally Posted by ajk View Post
Amigas are computers with a shared architecture, not consoles where each successive model may be completely different in hardware.

The only real divide between Amiga models is the graphics chipset (ie. OCS/ECS or AGA). Everything else can be obtained as peripherals.

Any non-AGA game will run on any Amiga and all games will run on an A1200 or A4000 (some patches may be needed to smooth out minor incompatibilities, this is where WHDLoad excels). Of course you need to have the required amount of memory and CPU power etc. that the game is designed for, but that is not specific to a particular Amiga model.
This is your theoretical guess how it "should" work...?

Games aren't compatible across Amiga models, and when run in WHDLoad, they require the specs for WHDLoad, not the A500+512K fast they were made for.

Edit: Hehe, Zetr0. Great big post But I would say entry level cost also suggests entry level skills, or at least to let them have their stock Amiga+a little something booting before modding inside Certainly soldering extra chipmem, modding and adding special RAM boards, or upgrading kickstart isn't necessary to get tons of games going! That can come later.

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