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Hi Steve.

Sorry for the misunderstanding there.
No worries mate, I know you get some rude people on forums. Keyboard Warriors I like to call them. Wouldn't say boo to an old lady at a bus stop but they get all brave when there sipping coco insulting people over the internet.

I assure you I am not one of these. But I can understand why people can get the wrong idea. I am quite outspoken as a person in reality. But never rude. Sometimes without the non verbal communication the line seems to blur.

Anyhow, I would hate to be on the wrong side of yourself or anyone on this board. It is a great help to me and a nice friendly place.

Pleased were sorted now.

Im very thankful you posted me that disc. Thats awesome. As said I don't mind pay-pal-ing you your costs and such.

You should be able to install Workbench straight to your CF with the Disks or at least prepare it with the Install Disk/HDToolbox and carry on in UAE.
I think this will make far more sense in my brain anyhow. WinUAE is my confusion seemingly.

The only caveat is that not all Disks work on drives that they were not written on due to head alignment, age of media and age of drives, however fingers crossed you're ok!
Yeah I guessed as much. Being a musician from the days of tape it was always a challenge making an audio cassette sound good on different decks. Often we used to choose average all around rather than great on on set up and poor on another. ha, how easy is things these days by comparison? Cant help but think somewhere alone the line we lost something though.

Ill shout up when the disk comes, thanks in advance.
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