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Nope - I really need to push other projects into production first. Currently on my list:

- C64 Reloaded
- ACA1221 (new low-cost accel)
- new BigRamPlus production run (almost done)
- new Indivision AGA MK2cr for A1200 production run (almost done)
- another dual-USB-port-mounting option for A1200
- C64 power supply replacement
- C64 hardware diagnosis tool(s)

..and there's surely other stuff that I keep forgetting, because I also have this monster project called Nequester, where we're currently working on VDSL2 with Annex-J and vectoring support. Maybe I should slip in the X-Surf-500 sometime soon, because all the parts are already here. I just don't have a design yet.

What about ACA2000? Will that ever be released?
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