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CD32 - File reading / closing query

I've just done something for CD32, and it has a problem. On Amiga hard drive, it works exactly as expected, but on CD32 it crashes.

Basically i'm loading a big-ish file (768K), and using AmigaDOS to do it all, and as soon as the file is loaded, I kill the system, transfer some code low down in memory and make sure everything relocates as it should.

However, if I allow this to happen from loading from the CD32 it will crash after loading the file.

If however, everything is copied to RAM: and then run from there, it works perfectly.

I'm assuming its got something to do with having to wait until the CD spins down or gets the signal from the CD32 to stop spinning.

Is there a required wait period thats supposed to occur before system shutdown after reading a file?
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