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Originally Posted by wilshy View Post
Sorry mate, here's some snaps for you. Not sure it'll quite match what you want and they're directly off my phone rather than the camera & lens used for the book. So smell-o-vision is out of the question right now but I'm working on it. I would suggest popping to a bookshop, opening a nice glossy lithographic printed book and inhaling hard while looking at the photos. Might help a little

With regards to some of the comments around the pricing. We r

Appreciate all those backing this, really is stunning how much appetite there is for this out there.
Ooooo glossy

thanks mate thats very good of you, they look great.

I think if they were over priced you wouldn't be getting the big backing you've been receiving.

what's the 4th update about? More hardbacks? I couldn't see it as an pledge option? I'm still scared I'll miss out on a later option I want by pledging now.

did you guys talk with RCK about the HOL game maps? Great to see HOL get a mention.
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