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Originally Posted by Riempie View Post
Is this alternative attractive enough for A1200-users to wait for an order for the rapidroad once this alternative is available? Is it something which will mount 'neatly' on the back of the A1200 (beside the connector of the Indy MK2 for example?)
That's exactly what I'm thinking of. However, I don't have any timeframe for that yet. I will make this thing available separately, so Subway users can also take advantage of it, and if you already have a RapidRoad, you can add this thing.

Originally Posted by nikos.rizos View Post
An alternative to the USB port brackets that would be placed in the 1200 rear expansion port would be a HUGE plus for everyone not wanting to start using a dremel on the case. This should have been an option since day one but I guess I am asking to much.
The "day one" option is to push delivery of this unit into october, otherwise I'll have a problem paying a few invoices and salaries. I cannot delay things forever (read: until every single customer may find his favourite solution), but need to do a so-called "spec-freeze" at some point.

What I always emphasize is that you should never buy a product for what it may become in the future. If you don't see your favourite solution yet, then don't buy. You should only buy a product for what it really is right now: RapidRoad will dangle around in the A1200 - and I don't plan on changing that. I've put some effort into having an insulating case, and I think it looks nicer than other boards that are dangeling around in the computer. It will also require some heavier modification than with this future USB port option.

Originally Posted by nikos.rizos View Post
PLEASE don't make it like the amigakit's backplate for Indivision 1200MK2cr. It's just hideous
I won't claim that my solution is "nice", but I'm hoping that it'll be at least functional. You know I prefer laser-cutting for metal and plexi-glass, and *very* rarely do I choose injection molding (actually only twice in my carreer so far: new Micromys V4 cases and C64 cartridge cases).

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