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Arnie -

I see, I hadn't thought of the copyright implications.

Fitssteve -


Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
The obvious reason is that not all 4GB CF cards are created equally. While an Image created on a particular 4GB CF card will write back to that card it's not a given that it will write back to any 4GB CF card.

This is exactly what I've been trying to explain on PM!
It is very unfair to say you have been trying to tell me this stuff by PM. The PMs are very vague at best. You have my permission to cut and paste them here to see what others think. You have to remember I am an absolute beginner.

To be fair you didn't explain very well anything that has been discussed by Retro or Arnie. . Again please remember I am brand new to this and admit I dont even like computers. I simply want to use octamed, hence me Pming you for help on seeing your YouTube vid.

Correct me where I go wrong but after comments in this thread, I am starting to get the picture that a 4 gig card may have slight differences in card sizes? IE some are a little over and some are not quite 4 gig? If this is the case no where in our PMs was this explained.

Naturally an end user such as myself would assume a 4 gig card is 4 gigs in size.

And besides, why should someone give for free or 'a quid' work that takes several hours?
Eh? I originally contacted you offering to pay for a service you advertise all over the internet including on your you tube video. Its more than a quid. A Tenner I thought and thats what I offered you. I was only following instruction from your video.

My idea to for the forum to sell an image for £1 to generate money for the forum doesn't equate to £1 profit for several hours of work either??

A quid for several hour work is admittedly shocking. (although try being am musician and giving all your music away free, each composition takes months!)

If 1000 people download the image then at £1 per head that generates £1000 for the forum.

£1000 for several hours work? Not bad in my book.

However, now I understand why now this cannot be so.
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