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Yes I will.

I tried many installs.

If the hard drive has been freshly created in winuae (with RDB), it seems that, after the BPPC init (after colors flashing), it may run in a long loop of loading the CD iso image (Directly maping to the physical DVD doesn't work).

If I do a reset AFTER the color flashing from BPPC, is reboots and then loads properly.

I have made many attemps since yesterday. Those including changing the BPPC rom (44.71, 44.69) for 68060, switching between fixed and dynamics hard drive files, removing anything that could interfere (network card, picasso 4...).

Any time, and on two different machines, I ran into (each attemps) the same situation: After setting up the hard drive in OS4 side, and launching the installation process, files seems to copy slowly and slowly, and at one point, file won't copy anymore. After that, waiting for a long time (10 mins?), bring the "Read Write error" on ISO install media (who is a good shape). Sometime also I had a bsod between the moment WinUAE stops copying files and the time I should have the "read/write" error (unfortunately god 2 BSOD on the two different machines, and BSOD logs were not activated....).

This morning, I've tried a different approach, sinc I feel that there is something wrong in the IDE management.

iso of os4 is in same hard drive in windows side
New SFS\00 hard file 3900Mb under winuae, enable rdb
first boot:

comes in good times to "amigaos" bootscreen
10 minutes to have the install menu
prepare the hard drive
comes to install menu in less than 2 minutes
quick format
install (10h39)
HD and CD "leds" are blinking really fast
install 10h46: 20%
install 10:57: 35%
11:00 50%
11:02 stick while copying extras (11:02), 53%
waiting for something to happen
11:14: read/write error on iso image

While I was waiting for the "read/write" error on iso install cd, I saw that SND and the number right to the "CD" led, that those were blinking slowly, but in gray (like trying to reset something).

Same hard drive after "crash" , ISO image is on a different hard drive

first boot:
boot to menu: 11:20->11:27
install 11:34
install 11:43 20%
11h51 35%
12h10 50%
12h24 88%
12h30: WinUAE finished installing and boots OK.

I have repeated the same process on a second machine, and that worked OK.
Now it seems that if the ISO is on the same hard drive than WinUAE hard drive file, it bring issues.
If I do store that ISO on a different hard drive, it just works the way it should.

NB: On both systems, WinUAE is stored on a raid1 mirror (software).

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