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Hi Neil! I'm not sure if your aware of this or not, but the sd2iec's are not only good for games, utils and demos, you can also play sid tunes with them directly from your sd card using a sid player.
All you need to do is put this sidplay64 player onto your sd card, then load it onto your c64 through your sd2iec in the same way you would load a game from it-

Sidplay64 v0.8

It will come up a menu and allow you to browse and play sids directly from your sdcard.

But firstly do yourself a favour and download this sid pack called the High Voltage SID Collection which contains every sid that ever came out up until this point for the c64.
And there all sorted nicely into folders like, game sids, demos sids, musician sids etc.
The zip is about 90mb, when uncompressed it comes to about 250mb and contains around 45000 sids, it takes a while to copy them all over to an sd card because there are so many files, but once done it's worth it.
Also with some sid files they have multiple tunes on the one sid, for example if you were to play the sid file from the game Turrican 2, you can press keys on your c64 to go through about a dozen tunes in it.

And this is the info and download link for the latest HVSC collection-

The beauty of this of course is that once you load sidplay64, it lets you browse those 45000 sid files directly from your sd card, you just select a sid file and it loads and plays it all from a simple to use menu system.
It's like having a c64 jukebox
And as we all know the c64 has amazing sound, so to have 45000 sid tracks to play at your fingertips on a real c64 is just really really cool!

Of note, if you happened to of downloaded those 4+8gb manosoft roms packs, they already contain the sid player and sids as well as the usual games and demos roms.

My favourite c64 tunes at the moment are by the musician called 'Sharp', he does techno with big bass and cool sounds on the sid chip!
Make sure to look them up in the HSVC pack.
Also check out the Martin Galway sids that came from games, they are brilliant, tracks like Wizball and Green Beret, plus the Ocean Loaders.
And you must listen to the 11min psychedelic soundtrack by Rob Hubbard from the game Delta which is influenced by Pink Floyd, it's my favourite sid tune ever!

--And Capt Hinsight, in regards to what fast loaders are supported by sd2iec's, this is some info taken from my Infinity's text doc-



ULoad M3
ELoad Version 1
Nippon fast loader
GEOS 2.0 support (d64/d71/d81 images only)
TAP files (ONLY FOR C64SDV2.0+ITS module installed OR C64SD V3.0)
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