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Originally Posted by zouzou View Post
same thing, vith BPPC install with beta21 reported at 89% of OS4 install that OS4.1 cd has read/Write error. The boot process for the install was really really long (30 minutes?)

Afterwards, I have rebooted (ctrl+A+A), the install CD booted in some 2 minutes or so, and the install process was ok.

I wonder if it doesn't come to the fact that at first boot, the hard drive was not set up already (WDB, SFS filesystem, partition to be done...), and afterwards, things are better.

Anyway, after that reboot (in this case), the CD "led" was really fast blinking, before that, the CD led was "blinking" really slowly.
Could you narrow down it more? Does it work faster if you only boot to installer screen and then reboot again? Or does it need to start the install process? (and so on..)
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