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Hi and welcome!

Creating Amiga compatible floppies remains a problem without a cheap solution. You can write them easily on a PC if you get a special floppy drive controller, such as a Kryoflux, but it will set you back about £80 or so.

As you mention, since the A500 does not natively have any means of connecting a hard drive, that way is ruled out too (with the A600 and A1200 it's relatively simple).

You could use a serial connection, but it's very slow, and it'll be problematic if you only have 512k-1M of memory.

You could get a Gotek floppy emulator. These are probably the cheapest option at the moment. It acts as a floppy drive but you load the floppy images from a USB stick. If you have both that and the original drive connected, you can even make physical copies of some floppies (depending on how copy-protected they are).

Only use the RF modulator if you absolutely must, the image quality on that is terrible compared with the proper RGB port (you can get a SCART cable for about £10).
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