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Hi Guys, just calmed down enough now to turn my computer back on lol

Arnie - That is a very generous offer I may well take you up on. I have set tonight free to see if I can get to the bottom of it. Then Ill give you a shout. Again, big TY Oh, and get well soon mate.

To everyone, just to clarify, I must stress I have zero interest in Win UAE. Im simply wanting to fit my A1200 up with a hard drive. I understand winUAE can be used as a means to an ends to achieve this, but once my A1200 breaths, my interest in WinUAE ends.

With such an extensive community like this Im surprised no one or even the site itself doesn't offer an image file for download. Then an end user such as myself would simply apply that image file to my CF card. The site could even charge a quid a turn. A way to get new members and funding?

Seems nuts folks like myself having to keep repeating this step over and over. Im guessing there is a reason thought that I cannot yet see.
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