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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
I did get the error message you wrote about, but I assume it went through.
Yes, everything went fine.

Originally Posted by demolition View Post
Any other things besides storage devices and a mouse would it make sense to use the USB port for? USB floppy drives?
* hubs (oh, really :-))
* USB->Ethernet bridges (five different chipsets supported)
* HID (keyboard, mouse, tablets, joysticks, space navigator)
* Galaxy touch screen
* mass storage
* PTP (digital cameras) and MTP (music players, mobile phones)
* printers
* serial-to-USB bridges (Prolific and SiLabs chipsets supported, but NOT FTDI), also CDCACM (USB modems, also found in mobile phones)
* USB scanners (limitations apply: This goes through RawWrap class and requires FxScan, ScanQuix or Betascan to support the device)
* MIDI (keyboard emulation and CAMD)
* DFU (firmware upload/download)
* USB audio through AHI (read: "soundcard")
* USB video through VHI (read: "webcam")

* PenCam, Sonix (VHI stuff)
* UPS (=uninterrupted power source) tool
* USB rocket launcher (office toy, not sure if this has made it "round the world")
* USB multi-power-socket (SIS-PM/Gemtek)
* USB Radio (DRadioTool)

3rd party stuff:
* Lego Mindstorms
* more stuff that I don't remember right now - check Aminet.

Do you see why I call Poseidon *the* most versatile USB stack for the Amiga? Some people call it resource-hungry, but I think it's very effective for what it offers.

Originally Posted by source View Post
Do you have an idea when the xsurf 500 may be available?
Nope - I really need to push other projects into production first. Currently on my list:

- C64 Reloaded
- ACA1221 (new low-cost accel)
- new BigRamPlus production run (almost done)
- new Indivision AGA MK2cr for A1200 production run (almost done)
- another dual-USB-port-mounting option for A1200
- C64 power supply replacement
- C64 hardware diagnosis tool(s)

..and there's surely other stuff that I keep forgetting, because I also have this monster project called Nequester, where we're currently working on VDSL2 with Annex-J and vectoring support. Maybe I should slip in the X-Surf-500 sometime soon, because all the parts are already here. I just don't have a design yet.

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